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My name is Mia!

I'm a Sydney based photographer and I have a huge passion for animals. I own a beagle and 2 rescue cats!

I’ve been an animal lover for as long as I can remember! But my love really blossomed when I was young, and a beautiful long-haired, sleek, Persian cat appeared in my family's backyard! After this encounter, we adopted a rescue cat from the RSPCA, then had the Persian cat choose us as his new owners, then adopted another rescue cat, and then decided we needed to make our family more fun and perfect with the love of a beagle puppy and THEN adopted another cat from a friend who couldn’t keep him! That's a full house when you already have a family of 7!

I was always happiest around my pets! They are bundles of fluff, love, loyalty and joy and I have had incredible memories with them! Watching my pets grow up, I loved experiencing life with them and capturing all the moments we shared! Moments such as, their first time up a tree (which was scary for both them and us), watching them swim in the ocean, climb over rocks on a bush walk, being a comfort as they lay on my study notes, or even just running frantically around the backyard with a dirty, half-chewed sock or a wrapper they were never meant to get out of the bin!

This was the start of my passion for pet photography!

Sydney based pet photographer

I was the one who always brought my camera because I loved capturing their world, who they were and their joys! I also just enjoyed taking photos of everything, including all my travels and the beauty of the world. I'd often take my dog on a hike or to the park just so I could take photos of her. I always loved sharing these with my friends and family as well as online. But it wasn't until I photographed a friend’s dog on a hike with her one day that I realized I could share that joy with other people! Her reaction to the photos resonated with me when she expressed how much I captured her dog's true soul!

It wasn't long until the idea of a pet photography business lingered into my mind.

Our pets have so many beautiful features that deserve to be captured and cherished! A huge love of mine is wanting to tell a story of the love you have for your pet through photography! This means, capturing their special unique personalities, their little quirks that make them who they are and the things you love the most about them! You’ll quickly learn that I love hearing all about your pet, all their funny stories and how they came into your life!

In my spare time, I volunteer for Blacktown Holding Facility helping the animals at the shelter find a forever home by photographing them! When I’m not spending time with animals, you'll find me on a bush walk admiring the beauty of nature, all while trying to take the perfect photo! I also enjoy learning, so you will often find me reading a book about food, dog behavior or a scientific paper about anything and everything! I am a scientist at heart!

So, the perfect life for me? Spending time outdoors with loving pets, photographing them and seeing the look on someone’s face when they see that perfect picture of their pet. I’m genuinely loving what I do!

So that’s a bit about me! I hope I get to meet you and your pet in person! I’d love to hear all about them!

Check out my photos in the gallery to see more and feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

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